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Beef Genomic Prediction Trial

Welcome to the Beef Cattle Genomic Prediction Trial Project website!.

From the website, you will find information on genomic prediction and introduction of the beef cattle genomic prediction trial project. Currently, we are seeking participants from representative breeds/crossbreds in Canada to experience our trial genomic prediction.

If you are interested, please create your account, login in and submit your beef cattle information for consideration.

Once we receive your animal information, we will contact you whether your animals are selected or not for the trial genomic prediction project.

What is Genomics? Genomics is the field of science that studies an organism's entire genome (DNA sequence). Genomics analyzes the relationship between genetics and traits, and uses the data to answer scientific questions and solve practical problems.
Do you know that genomic prediction will potentially help beef producers to select beef cattle with improved production efficiency and quality? This website will show you how.
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